Teaching Experience

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  • Instructor, Public Policy Analysis (POLS236)
    • January 2015 – May 2015
    • Course Description: The nature of politics and policy with emphasis on synthesizing broad knowledge bases to inform policymaking. In this course, students learn the basic principles of public policy analysis such as identifying public problems, constructing alternative interventions, collecting evidence, detailing policy proposals, and evaluating policy effectiveness. Students also directly engage in cost-benefit analysis regarding contemporary public issues.
    • Enrollment: 31
  • Instructor, Bureaucracy and the American Political System (POLS210)
    • August 2014 – December 2014
    • Course Description: Introduction to the administrative arm of American national, state, and local government. Students learn how bureaucracy has become important enough to the functioning of the federal system that it has been termed “the fourth branch of government.” Theories are reviewed regarding bureaucracy’s role as a political institution of the first order, not just as an implementer of policy. Students engage critically with issues of bureaucratic power, structure, and democratic control.
    • Enrollment: 17
  • Teaching Assistant, Introduction to American Politics (POLS150)
    • January 2013 – May 2013
    • Instructor: Dr. Michael Combs
    • Course Description: Introduction to American Politics spanning American history (from the American Revolution to contemporary issues), current political institutions, political parties, interest groups, media and politics, and public opinion.
    • TA Responsibilities: As one of two TAs for this course, I was responsible for leading 4 recitation sections, which each met once weekly. We reviewed course material with a heavy emphasis on engaging with material from the text to compliment lectures.
    • Enrollment: 73 students (across 4 recitation sections)


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